Sunday, October 24, 2010

What are Wrinkles?

Andrea draws a self portrait, capturing the details of her happy face with the use of fine lines around her mouth and below her eyes.
The teacher asks, "Why did you use lines?"
"A happy face needs line because that is how my face looks when I am smiling."
"Do all people have lines on their faces?" asks her teacher.
"No, not everyone."
"What about old people, do they have lines?"
"An Old Lady has less lines than me," answers Andrea.
Andrea's first drawing of The Old Lady without wrinkles.
The teacher takes Andrea to the computer and they search for photos of an Old Lady. Andrea studies them and returns to the drawing table.

"I changed my mind. An Old Lady has lots of lines, these are wrinkles."
Why does she have wrinkles?"asks her teacher.
"Wrinkles mean she is old and had lots of birthdays. Wrinkles are happy lines and sometimes sad lines. When I get old I will have wrinkles just like her and I will be beautiful!"


  1. I guess that's why I am a happy person.

  2. It's amazing how one topic can branch out to another one with just one drawing.~Sabrina