Monday, October 4, 2010

The Family Tree

Drawing by Dylan

Family is a child's first social network. It is through this group that children are nurtured and raised. As a child grows he learns about the roles and responsibilities of each member and how they contribute to the larger community.

Learning about a child's family helps teachers to bridge the life of home and school.
A group of four year old children was asked the following questions.

What does family mean? Who is in your family? What do they do and why do you love them?

I have a big family. I have a mommy. She plays games with me. I love my mommy because she invites my friends over to my house and that makes me happy.
I have a daddy and he always watches football, I like to watch it with him sometimes. Sometimes we even play football together inside the house upstairs. My daddy is fun! I love my daddy because we do boys things like wash the car.
I have an uncle and an aunt, it’s daddy's brother. They come over and visit sometimes but they live far away.
My mommy has a mommy and a daddy; that’s my grandpa and grandma. The live far away too but I talk to them on the phone. I love them because they are funny on the phone.
I have a Nonna and a Nonno, their names are Maria and Stefano. They are daddy's mommy and daddy. I get to see them when daddy goes to pick them up and they come over. Nonna and Nonno speak Italian. Nonna is teaching me how to speak it. I love them because they are nice to me.
Family means when you love each other and play together.

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  1. Such a sweet boy! it seems like he really enjoyed expressing information about his family, definately a great project.~Sabrina