Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Baby's First Encounter with Paint

The Art of Painting

Paint offers children an invitation to covey ideas, express emotions, explore colors, processes and causalities. Painting as an expression of pure form engages children’s minds providing an excellent opportunity for the development of symbolic communication.
While painting children are challenged to think as they analyze, and organize their experiences.
Often times they must reflect on their strokes and redesign their work as the paint proves to be an unpredictable medium full of surprises and uncertainties.


  1. Painting is good activity for infant. Because they are at the sensorimotor stage, they learn through their sense, the more positive sensory stimulation experiences,the stronger neurons pathways babies have.Infant's brain development is essential through life-long learning process and through proper sensory stimulation,

  2. What a great experience!! Painting is an very good way to let the children to express their emotions, inspire their imagination, learn colors and develop their fine motor skills.

  3. Painting experiences give children the opportunity to express what they are feeling, to explore their senses by feeling the texture of the paint and looking at all the beautiful colours. Messy experiences are usually the most effective ones and leaving them open-ended gives the child the opportunity to explore.~Sabrina