Thursday, November 25, 2010

What Happens When You Provide Children with Accessories

Block play is one of the most powerful tools for constructing knowledge. It offers children the opportunity to physically and mentally engage while providing excellent large and small motor movement.
Blocks address all domains of child development; math, literacy, problem solving, social interaction. Through practice children learn weight and balance concepts, explore stability, and learn about geometry.
In fact, unit blocks, by their very name and design, teach math language and understanding. They also provide opportunities for counting and understanding quantity.
Through block play, children gradually learn elements of art, architecture and engineering as they make arches and doorways, stabilize structure height, make levers, distribute weight and create form.
Literacy is well encompassed in block play. Tales flow as children construct houses, towers, towns, buildings and imaginary places. Their creations take on a form of their own as children assume roles acting out characters in great detail and with much imagination. While interacting children develop social skills, learning to negotiate as well as value and respect the opinions and constructions of others.
When accessories are offered to the children, a new dimension is added to their work as noted in the attached photos.

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