Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Voice of the Child

Children's Bill of Rights
What do you think of children? Are they participants or bystanders in the process of learning or for that matter in the journey called childhood.
It is our belief that children have a strong voice and much to say about their world.
This bill of rights was developed by a JK/SK class and their teachers.
Every child has the right to:

Be viewed as competent and
A loving, safe and nurturing
Equality and fairness;
Healthy food, clean air and a safe world;
Learn and experience;
Be understood;
Be respected as a competent participant in the learning process:

Blow bubbles;
Listen to the wind and thunder;
Be afraid;
Be joyful;
Grow bigger;
Experience physical, and emotional well being;
Have empathetic teachers;
Express their feelings without fear;
Be a valued member of society;
Build self esteem through relationships;
Have competent, well educated teachers who work with children because they honour childhood; Imagine and pretend;
Play, run, and skip,
Sing, dance and somersault;
Walk in the rain and jump in puddles;
Wiggle his/her toes in the sand;
Catch bugs, dig for worms and pick apples;
Paint, colour, and explore;
Enjoy an unhurried childhood;
Roll in the snow, make snow
angels and catch snowflakes;
Live a long prosperous life
surrounded by family and friends.


  1. Tiziana, this poem is simly inspiring; it's even more inspiring because some of the ideas were emerged from the children. May I print this and post it in my room? :) Thank you for sharing it.

  2. Children are definately capable of making their own theories while learning at their own pase. It's great teachers that provide the children the opportunity to be their own teachers, so that learning is fun and enjoyable for them.~Sabrina