Monday, March 7, 2011

The Many Faces of Matteo

Children are very perceptive and as teachers we witness this daily, in both the smallest of experiences and on larger scales, when we are involved in intricate projects.

Matteo showed us the complexity of his thinking when he began to work with the loose materials to make three representations of his face. While he worked the teacher asked questions that required him to think about the elements associated with joy, sorrow, and happiness.

How did he know the meaning of a tear drop, or the slight variance in a facial muscle that is required to smile or  frown?

I am happy!
I am sad!
I am crying!


  1. Beautiful!!! In portuguese: Lindo!!!


  2. Good work!! Children like to explore different of their face expression when their look at the mirror. I like the way that the child give expression to his joy, sorrow, and happiness by used these interesting loose materials.