Monday, March 14, 2011

Watch as Lisa molds a Block of Clay into a Castle.

Although Lisa was only a toddler when she began to work with clay, her proficiency with this material was amazing.
A large block of clay was placed on the table. Lisa poked at it and saw the small impressions that her fingers left.
She then pulled the first piece of clay off the block and looked at it as it stuck to her fingers. 
 Was she wondering what it could become in her small yet capable hands? 
She continued working, pulling off chunks, molding, squeezing, and joining pieces together. The clay began to take form.

Lisa hummed as she worked and shaped the clay into what appeared to be a tall tower. She added two more to her first.
"A castle!" she said when she was finished.
She pulled off a piece of clay.

She began to stack the clay

The towers grow!

A pinching technique.

A castle!


  1. I can not believe my eyes, toddler can make this spectacular work, they use their hands to make their theory come through, "we need to watch the ants not the elephant." This is what Reggio Emilia approach is.

  2. Working with clay has alot of learning value. The children get to feel the texture of it, poke it, squeeze it, roll it, and even build a masterpiece such as Lisa's, great activity.~Sabrina