Wednesday, March 16, 2011

What are children thinking when they hear about natural disasters?

As much as we would like to protect our children from all the catastrophes that are plaguing the planet, we can't. Even if they don't hear it at home, they are likely to hear about natural disasters from their peers, television and radio.
So how much do we tell them or show them?
It has been our experience to begin by asking what they know and think about the situation.
The earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan has been the prime source of discussions in our SK classes. This morning one of the teachers asked the children for their thoughts and  encouraged them to draw representations that captured the events.

"The angels will take the people that died  up to heaven.  The angels will hold them and take them up. When the angels get them to Heaven, they will ask them if they are feeling better."


  1. As I was reading this blog tears where rolling down my cheeks what a beautiful interpitation.

  2. It is so amazing to awknowledge how children interpret world issues and current events. This illustration is incredible along with the story.