Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Everyone Needs A Mother, Even Martians!

Storybooks and Movies, what a wonderful combination. Watching a favorite movie come to life presents many exceptional learning opportunities. Just why do we need mothers? Have you ever thought to ask your children this interesting question?
After reading the book and before watching the movie, Mars Needs Moms, the children designed these Martians and explained why each of them needed a mother. As you'll see the needs of the Martian children are much the same as the children here on Earth; mothers exist to provide tender loving care, nourishment, meet basic needs, to cart children around, and to be a perfect play mate.
The joys of Motherhood!

This is Mikayla. She  likes to watch movies. She's a really good dancer. She likes to play with her toys. Mikayla needs a mom to tuck her in bed at night.

This is Earth. It's not friendly, don't touch it because it's poisonous. It shoots water out of it's nose, and eats worms, and flowers. Earth needs a mom so she can feed him and play with him.

Mickey Mouse is nice, she is a girl. She likes to eat bread, and soup. She likes to make puzzles. She needs a mom in case she gets hurt, the mom can help her.

Leelan does the splits and the flips. He likes to go on dragons, and he likes to fight dragons. He needs a mom to help him learn to use a sword so he can fight better. He likes to play with Leav and Alan. They go on the swings, the monkey bars, and dance.

This is Carrot. Carrot needs a mother to play with and tuck her in at night.

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  1. This activity really teaches the children how important the role of a mother is, and that everything including every animal, every insect, every martion needs love and attention from a mother just like us.~Sabrina