Thursday, April 28, 2011

How Do Emails Travel?

Communicating through Technology is common place for this generation. In fact children as young as two are using Skype to speak to parents who are working out of the country! It's not surprising to note that children have their own ideas on how emails travel around the world. This particular experience theory on how emails travel from one side of the world to the other came to light when an SK student travelled to China for a month. She kept in touch with her friends through email.

The letter in the tubing reads:
Hi Jocelyn this is Faith and Hailey and Shannon. How are you? We miss you.

Faith's Theory :Our message to Jocelyn, who is in China for a visit, is typed on the computer and it goes through a wire. The wire is underground in a tube. The tube passes inside a pipe and the pipe goes all the way to Hong Kong, China where Jocelyn's computer is. The email goes up the wire into Jocelyn's computer and then Jocelyn can see our letter and read it.
Shannon's Theory: The letters are in the wire and they travel from Canada to China. I think that the pipes are underground and the squirrels put them all together and make sure they don't break.
Hailey adds to Shannon's thinking: Jocelyn can see the message and writes back to us and the letters go back into the wire again and come to our computer in the classroom.

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  1. This is a great way to gather information in order to find the truth of how emails really do travel. After reading this, it has actually brought back memories of when i was a child and how I used to think everything travelled beneath us. Good job to Shannon, Hailey, and Faith.~Sabrina