Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Art of A Somersault

Quite a few muscles groups are required to perform the perfect somersault. The arms are needed to hold the body's weight; the abs stabilize the body and keep it from rolling to the side; the legs provide thrust as the body is lifted into the air and the gluteus maximus assists in the propulsion. Imagine then why this particular experience was fascinating to watch.

She bends at the waist and extends her legs.
"Can you see me," she asks her teachers who is snapping the photograph.
She lifts her foot to propel herself forward but she loses the position necessary to push forward.
She returns to her original pose and her friend encourages her to lift her leg.
"I can't move, I'm stuck her," she giggles.

Her friends decide to give her a demonstration.

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  1. Great activity for gross motor and self correcting.~Sabrina