Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Baby and His Flower

Each day babies experience the wonders of life. This bunch of flowers provided a perfect opportunity to document how babies explore and store information.
The teacher offers the child the flower.
As expected he gathers information on the flowers using his senses.
He takes the flowers into the mirrored cube and sees them multiply.


  1. What a great experience, even though babies don't have language you know what they are trying to say through their gestures and facial features. Is the dandelion a weeed or a flower. In the eyes of children it's a beautiful flower.

  2. Natural material is great experience for infant. Children love to use their all sense to explore the world, look at his smile, we can see the world in his mind is beautiful and full of testing and exploring.

  3. The babies are very young, their heart were always full of curiosity about this world. They would love to explore the new things everyday, even simple like a flower.That's why we should provide different opportunities for them to explore this world and learn from the experiences.

  4. Such a curious little boy, just exploring his world and the beautiful things in it. He smells the flower because he is curious. He uses his senses to investigate.~Sabrina