Monday, May 30, 2011

The Hideaway

A Child's Story

Last night while we were all sleeping a group of big kids came to the forest. They're big so they're not afraid of the dark woods. They knew that we liked to play here so they decided to make us this special hideaway. It's for us and for all the creatures of the forest. The birds can come to make a nest. The worms can hide under the twigs. The squirrels can collects things and hide them from the bigger animals.
A wonderful surprise waited for the children when they entered the forest.
Who could have constructed this hideaway?
These two friends sit down to draw out their theory as to how this hideaway came to be.


  1. What a perfect hideaway :). I love it!

  2. What Amy said! If I was a kid I'd think I'd died and gone to heaven :)

  3. This hideaway is amazing! I would love to see something like this even as an adult. This is a perfect way for the children to put their thinking caps on and investigate.~Sabrina