Friday, May 30, 2014

My Wish For Spring!

Yesterday, as I drove home form the school I rolled down my windows to enjoy the breeze. I stopped at the a red light and was drawn to the conversation taking place in the car next to mine.
"Did you do this all by yourself?" a father asked his young son.
"Yes I did it," he replied with great pride.
"That's amazing. You must work hard in kindergarten!"
"All the day,'he answered. (that made me laugh)
My eyes turned to them. I wondered what I might see.

There in full view was a booklet of photocopied work sheets. Some of trees, other of bugs. The title page,
Spring has Sprung.
I felt such disappointment. Is this all a parent and child should expect for Kindergarten?

I offer these beautiful treasures as an alternate to glorifying Spring, the season of birth.

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