Tuesday, May 20, 2014

When Theory Meets Practice

I would consider myself vested in educating myself in my profession as an Early Childhood Educator, the owner of Reggio Kids and as a teacher of teachers. Over the last thirty years, I've met some wonderful professionals who have inspired me to new levels of thinking and practicing; most notable Dr. George Forman whom I consider not only a mentor but a friend from afar.
I  know for certain that no amount of theory can serve a teacher without the practice of the theory. It is in practice that we find ourselves Reggio Inspired.
It is only when theory meets practice that true "work" can happen between a teacher and her students, between a teacher her students and the environment, between a teacher, her students, the environment and the parents, between a teacher, her students, the environment, the parents and the global community. 
And then to master the practice of theory we must have supportive environments that are rich in the materials needed to practice our craft.
It is an intricate system, a fine balance, an exquisite journey!

Here the children recreate the characters and the castle from our own authored book
The Pancake Princess.