Monday, January 31, 2011

Gender Identity

Do we instill gender specific behaviours and norms in children?
Yes, we do it right from the birth; we dress girls in pink and boys in blue; girls do dishes and boys cut the grass; boys play hockey; girls take ballet; these are all common gender roles and expectations. Even though we may not say these things aloud, children watch, listen, mimic behaviours and assume expected roles. We have made strides in breaking the molds set for us by our predecessors, but the majority of people are still bound to timeless traditions.

After they finished making their snowmen these two girls decided that they needed a personal touch.So off they went to their cubbies to retrieve their own hats and mittens. Once the hats were placed on the heads of the snowmen the girls changed the gender of their creations. They became snow girls.
"Why are they snow girls?" asked their teacher.
"Because they are wearing pink and white so that means they are girls!"
"And now they are ready for a snowy adventure!"

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  1. Very great activity. I can see the children worked really hard in making their snowmen.~Sabrina