Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Even at A Young age we feel an Affinity for Certain People

Why are we drawn to certain people more than others? It is because we see in them an image of ourselves? These two young girls sat on either side of the transparent easel and began to comment of their facial features.
"You have a nose, just like me!'
"Yes and you have two eyes just like me!"
The exchange went on for awhile before they decided to make a likeness of each other using colored clay and loose materials.  When they were done the hug they exchanged was a confirmation of their budding friendship. If only life could be so simple for everyone. What a wonderful world it would be!

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  1. Friendship is important to children during preschooler age, especially at the budding time, children like to share ideas, toys with their friends.I think they won't forget this wonderful experience with their best friend to make this likeness products.